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346 4617 d 5 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/main.c +added request of OSD data, disrequest of debug data and uptime reset to menu
-removed the uptime-reset binding from S2
+pgm space for some strings to save _normal_ data space
*some code movement
344 4617 d 15 h lephisto /C-OSD/trunk/main.c * Reverted to default to PAL  
339 4619 d 1 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/main.c *MK-Datastruct updated to work with NaviCtrl 0.15c firmware
*changed flags from NO* to invers versions
*enhanced the menu a bit
-artificial horizon at bootup, the menu is cooler imho
336 4620 d 0 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/main.c +NOOSD as requested
*height now corrected (thx lephisto) and displayed as .x up to 10m
335 4620 d 5 h lephisto /C-OSD/trunk/main.c Fixed Altimeter to show Meters, not Meters*3  
331 4623 d 1 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/main.c + disabling the txd pin while not using it so it won't interfere with KopterTool usage (thx joko)
+ if no data has been received for over 2sec we re-request it
* tried source organisation a bit
330 4623 d 7 h shaddi /C-OSD/trunk/main.c More precise variometer added. Uses 2 more characters to show the speed of the movement  
329 4623 d 14 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/main.c *defines for characters and ntsc now via makefile possible
@some who is better in acting with makefiles coul add target characters that will build character hex-files
328 4624 d 4 h shaddi /C-OSD/trunk/main.c - Statistikanzeige Zeit in Minuten:Sekunden statt Sekunden
- Entfernung zu Home in Metern (/100)
327 4624 d 10 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/main.c *clearing after config menu
*art horizon menu point, there is no + :)
326 4624 d 10 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/main.c + simple config menu during runtime, press S1 to jump in, S2 to cyle and S1 to accept choice
- S1 no longer requests the NC data
325 4624 d 13 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/main.c *WRITECHARS back to 0  
324 4624 d 13 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/main.c + added more statistics
* corrected S1/S2 mapping (d'oh)
+ started simple mode controll, press S2 during bootup toggles artificial horizon
321 4625 d 16 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/main.c +initial import