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477 4576 d 8 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/default +HUD on/off via RC (connect to PPM, according to manual) testing stuff  
471 4582 d 8 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/default *mah corrected
+config gets saved now (menu item!)
*source moved a bit
461 4588 d 6 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/default *glitch in fixed  
459 4588 d 7 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/default *osd-layouts in seperate files so including own layouts should get easier
+build date is displayed during init to know which version you are runing
457 4588 d 18 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/default *copy paste nick/roll error fixed
*clean after build in
456 4588 d 19 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/default +a little shellscript to auto-build the files (testing)  
389 4612 d 5 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/default *reset-bug fixed
*moved code a bit
349 4624 d 6 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/default *rewrote number->display functions
*fixed height bug (uint vs int)
346 4624 d 10 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/default +added request of OSD data, disrequest of debug data and uptime reset to menu
-removed the uptime-reset binding from S2
+pgm space for some strings to save _normal_ data space
*some code movement
321 4632 d 20 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/default +initial import