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741 4305 d 20 h agressiva /C-OSD/ A full artificial horizon MOD By Eduardo R. Lavratti aKKa AGRESSiVA
issues - no limitation in pitch / roll axis.
740 4305 d 20 h agressiva /C-OSD/ This is a full artificial horizon MOD By AGRESSiVA
need a limit in x and y ... i make it in next release.
738 4309 d 23 h cascade /C-OSD/ *hopefully fixed the laggy osd data problem
-send_data_mk has been striked out to save space
@nc-mode should be small enough for bootloader again ( Program: 14986 bytes (91.5% Full) )
737 4310 d 23 h cascade /C-OSD/ *background in menu
@was not noticable this way without any background video
736 4312 d 8 h cascade /C-OSD/ *some menu stuff
*stats in nc_default do not disturb the bigvario anymore
*reduced code size from 16088 bytes (98.2% Full) 15436 bytes (94.2% Full)
735 4314 d 4 h cascade /C-OSD/ *missed a bracket
+dist.bat for windows
734 4314 d 6 h cascade /C-OSD/ +mah wasted per flight (still counts up after landing, but space gets tight)
*init phase from 2000ms to 3000ms
*init only takes place after first "valid" UBat is received (<4V should case the Mega to reset anyways)
728 4315 d 23 h cascade /C-OSD/ adapted MK-datastructs to NC 0.18c
added choice for current display measured by FC
687 4411 d 4 h jopl /C-OSD/ Fully compatible with NC  
686 4411 d 4 h jopl /C-OSD/ Test condition fully compatible with NC  
685 4411 d 12 h cascade /C-OSD/ +fc-only mode by Josef "jopl" Plasil (MK3Mag on FC and no NC)
*usart1 routine to filter out unwanted datasets (also big thanks to jopl)
677 4418 d 0 h cascade /C-OSD/ +nc/fc software version display in bootup
*changed checkbytes because of previously removed EEPROM data
676 4421 d 0 h cascade /C-OSD/ *small fix  
675 4421 d 0 h cascade /C-OSD/ *synced NaviStruct to NC Code v0.17e
(since nothing of the new stuff is used right now, older NC version will still work)
567 4473 d 1 h cascade /C-OSD/ -copy/paste bogous stuff  
528 4529 d 3 h cascade /C-OSD/ *fixed the flags (hopefully) for C-Strom and stuff  
526 4530 d 23 h cascade /C-OSD/ *small typo (thx flinkflash)  
523 4537 d 4 h cascade /C-OSD/ *hopefully fixed the new 10th number showing functions
+support for GPS height instead of Baro
520 4540 d 15 h cascade /C-OSD/ * GPS height commented out  
519 4540 d 23 h cascade /C-OSD/ *write-number-functions changed, using itoa now, saves space, should be faster
*inline added for basic max7456-spi_send because saves procedure call (^= time)

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