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459 5456 d 1 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/ *osd-layouts in seperate files so including own layouts should get easier
+build date is displayed during init to know which version you are runing
458 5456 d 5 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/ *cellnumber autoconfig modified, offset set to 1,5V  
457 5456 d 12 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/ *copy paste nick/roll error fixed
*clean after build in
456 5456 d 13 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/default/ +a little shellscript to auto-build the files (testing)  
455 5456 d 14 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/ *some code movement
+artificial horizon for FC-ONLY mode
454 5457 d 4 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/ +some FCONLY basics (set FCONLY to 1 in main.h to use it)  
453 5458 d 1 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/ *battery voltages now calculated according to CELL_VOLT_MIN CELL_VOLT_MAX and CELL_NUM
*CELL_NUM -1 causes a rough auto detection of cell number
-UBAT_WRN and UBAT_MAX are now deprecated
452 5458 d 10 h spacemaster /MikroBlink/LEDSimulator/V0.5.0_Beta/ 2 Neue LED Streifen 45 Grad gedreht
ToolTip bei den LEDs
Hintergrundbild lässt sich zur Laufzeit ändern und wird in der Projektdatei gespeichert.
451 5461 d 6 h Brean /QMK-Groundstation/branches/libMK/ QT-stuff in QTSerialCommunication (wont link!)  
450 5461 d 10 h Brean /QMK-Groundstation/branches/libMK/ connection-stuff  
449 5461 d 13 h Brean /QMK-Groundstation/branches/libMK/ removed string - using char * instead
moved "create frame" method to parser (so all the communication class has to do is to send and receive raw data)
448 5464 d 13 h spacemaster /MikroBlink/LEDSimulator/ alte Version  
447 5464 d 13 h spacemaster /MikroBlink/LEDSimulator/ alte Version  
446 5464 d 13 h spacemaster /MikroBlink/LEDSimulator/  
445 5464 d 13 h spacemaster /MikroBlink/LEDSimulator/V0.4.0_Beta/ Bug Fix und ToolTip für die LED's eingeführt  
444 5465 d 8 h spacemaster /MikroBlink/LEDSimulator/V0.3.4_Beta/ Timing geändert  
443 5468 d 3 h tripler /FollowMe/SVN/  
442 5468 d 9 h Brean /QMK-Groundstation/branches/libMK/ Data in MotorMixer  
441 5468 d 12 h Brean /QMK-Groundstation/branches/libMK/Forms/ removed Ticker
added Array for analogdata values
440 5468 d 12 h Brean /QMK-Groundstation/branches/ moved com to libMK
created KopterData as only class that contains the data of the Mikrokopter
removed Motor-stuff (I will create a motor struct later)

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