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Qty.    Part    Value                   Case    Link

1x      R1      330                     0805    Segor: "330R-0805-1%"

2x      C1,C2   1µF                    0805    Segor: "1u0-0805-X7R/16V"

2x      C3,C4   100nF                   0805    Segor: "u10-0805-X7R"

1x      LED1    red                     0805    Segor: "LED 0805 rt"

1x      IC1     MCP 1700-3302 E/TT      SOT23   Segor: "MCP 1700-3302 E/TT"

1x      IC2     ATtiny2313-20SU         SO20W   Segor: "ATtiny2313-20SU"

1x      IC3     74HC151D                SO16    Segor: "74HC 151-SMD"

5x      S0-S4   JST B3B-ZR              RM1.5   Segor: "B 3B-ZR" (leider 180°) B3B-ZR(LF)(SN)

1x      BIND    Tyco FSMSM              6x3.5mm Segor: "KHT65-SMD"