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typedef enum
    INVALID     = 0,
    NEWDATA     = 1,
    PROCESSED   = 2
} Status_t;

typedef struct
    int32_t Longitude;  // in 1E-7 deg
    int32_t Latitude;   // in 1E-7 deg
    int32_t Altitude;   // in mm
    Status_t Status;    // validity of data
} __attribute__((packed)) GPS_Pos_t;

typedef struct
    GPS_Pos_t Position;         // the gps position of the waypoint, see ubx.h for details
    int16_t Heading;            // orientation, future implementation
    uint8_t  ToleranceRadius;   // in meters, if the MK is within that range around the target, then the next target is triggered
    uint8_t  HoldTime;          // in seconds, if the was once in the tolerance area around a WP, this time defies the delay before the next WP is triggered
    uint8_t  Event_Flag;        // future emplementation
    uint8_t  reserve[12];       // reserve
} __attribute__((packed)) Waypoint_t;