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#include <cppunit/CompilerOutputter.h>
#include <cppunit/extensions/TestFactoryRegistry.h>
#include <cppunit/TestResult.h>
#include <cppunit/TestResultCollector.h>
#include <cppunit/TestRunner.h>
#include <cppunit/BriefTestProgressListener.h>

int main( int argc, char* argv[] )
    // Create the event manager and test controller
    CPPUNIT_NS::TestResult controller;

    // Add a listener that colllects test result
    CPPUNIT_NS::TestResultCollector result;
    controller.addListener( &result );

    // Add a listener to show progress of single tests
    CPPUNIT_NS :: BriefTestProgressListener progress;
    controller.addListener (&progress);

    // Add the top suite to the test runner
    CPPUNIT_NS::TestRunner runner;
    runner.addTest( CPPUNIT_NS::TestFactoryRegistry::getRegistry().makeTest() ); controller );

    // Print test in a compiler compatible format.
    CPPUNIT_NS::CompilerOutputter outputter( &result, std::cerr );

    return result.wasSuccessful() ? 0 : 1;