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#ifndef PARSER_H
#define PARSER_H
#include <string>
#include <cmath>

 * The Parser gets values from the Mikrokopter-USART interface
 *  and parses them into a sRxData-Struct

using namespace std;

struct sRxData
    char *input;
    string str;
    int decode[150];
    int decLen;

class Parser {
        static bool decode64(sRxData &rx);
        static string encode64(char data[150],unsigned int length);

        static string add_CRC(string TX);
        static bool check_CRC(string RX);

        static float getFloat(long value, int count);

        static int dataToInt(int *Data , int Start, bool is_signed = true);
        static long dataToLong(int *Data , int Start, bool is_signed = true);
        static int dataToChar(int *data , int start, bool is_signed = true);
        static string dataToString(int Data[150], int Start = 0, int End = 150);
        static int charToData(int data);