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#ifndef HANDLER_H
#define HANDLER_H
#include "Parser.h"
#include "Communication.h"
#include "Kopter.h"
#include "../Parameter_Positions.h"
#include "../typedefs.h"

 * The Handler handels commands that are send from/to the Mikrokopter
 * and parses them using the Parser-class.

class Handler {
        Communication * com;

        KopterData * data;

        Handler(Communication * com, KopterData * data);

        //FlightCtrl commands
        void get_flightctrl_settings(int index);
        void set_flightctrl_settings(char * tx_data);
        void motor_test(sMotorData motor);
        void reset_motor();
        void read_motor_mixer();
        void write_motor_mixer(char * tx_data, int length);
        int get_motor_config(char * tx_data);

        //NaviCtrl commands
        void set_navictrl_debug(int speed);
        void stop_navictrl_debug();
        void send_waypoint(Waypoint_t desired_pos);
        void add_waypoint(Waypoint_t wp);
        void delete_waypoints();

        //switch between MK modules/components
        void switch_navictrl();
        void switch_flightctrl();
        void switch_mk3mag();

        //commands for MK3MAG

        //commands for all modules/components
        void set_all_debug(int speed);
        void stop_all_debug();
        void get_analog();
        void show_lcd();
        void lcd_up();
        void lcd_down();
        void get_version();
        void get_ppm_channels();

        void receive_data(char * incomming, int length);