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#include "wiiuse.h"             //main.c also needs this (next to wiimote.c)
                                                //wiiuse is a library to interface with the Wiimote
                                                //and written by Michael Laforest

#define MAX_WIIMOTES 1  //Has to be 4; at first I tested it with 1, because
                                                //only 1 Wiimote is needed. But some functions do not
                                                //work then, so seems to be a bug in the wiiuse API.

//ExternalControl struct, which is send to the MikroKopter:
struct str_ExternControl
unsigned char Digital[2];        //two 1/0-buttons, not used atm
unsigned char RemoteButtons; // ? something to control the lcd menues?!
signed char   Nick;                    
signed char   Roll;
signed char   Gier;
unsigned char Gas;              //gas value is limited (in the fc sw) to the gas *stick* value
signed char   Hight;    //sets the hight for the barometric-hight-sensor
unsigned char free;             //not used atm
unsigned char Frame;    //value, which is send back by the fc for confirmation
unsigned char Config;   //if set to 1 the ExternControl is set active
struct str_ExternControl ExternControl; //create an instance of the struct

//Global Variables:
wiimote** mote;                 //create a wiimote handle/identifier pointerarray

//Function Prototypes offered:
int init_wiimote (void);
void handle_event(struct wiimote_t* wm);
int check_nunchuck(void);