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 *  *****MoteCtrl*****
 *      written by AndreasB (aka Alpin)
 *               lets you control your MikroKopter with a Wiimote!
 *      Copyright December 2008
 *      Credits & Thx:
 *      - Holger & Ingo for the MikroKopter Project (
 *      - ExternalControl implementation of the FlightControl
 *  - Ligi for RIDDIM, proof of external control concept
 *      - Documentation of the MK's SerialProtocol (
 *      - Michael Laforest for the wiiuse API (

*****Use at your own risk! No warranty. Only for private usage.*****

#LICENSE:       Released under the GNU General Public License Version 2 or
                        (at your option) a later version of this license.
                        For further details see <>.

#DISCLAIMER: Use this project at your own risk!
                         No warrenty.
                         Only for private usage.

***** See READ_ME_FIRST.txt for further details about MoteCtrl *****

Compiler & Linker Porperties:
Set "Character Set"-CompilerFlag to "Not Set" or "Multi Byte Character Set" to
avoid Errors about Windows API functions that can handle Unicode paramters.
In Visual Studio: Properties of Project -> Configuration Properties -> General

When compiling, don't forget to link wiiuse.lib (interface to the wiiuse.dll)
In Visual Studio: Copy wiiuse.lib & wiiuse.dll to project directory.
Afterwards: Properties of Project -> Configuration Properties -> Linker
-> Input -> add "wiiuse.lib" to additional dependencies

To avoid problems with dependencies on other windows machines, link the used
windows DLLs statically to the project.
In Visual Studio: Properties of Project -> Config. Properties -> C/C++
-> Code Generation -> set "Runtime Library" to Multi-Threaded (/MT)

/*Main.c merges all the resources provided by the header files to a functional
program. The follwing "includes" include all the needed and used headers (which
provide the resources, like fuctions, wrappers, structs, etc. main.c uses)

/**********Main Header*********/
//OS libs:
#include <windows.h>    //Windows API, for API macros, constants, etc. (like stdlib.h)
#include <stdio.h>              //Standard I/O (printf for instance)

//MoteCtrl libs:
#include "pc_serial_port.h"     //interface with a PC's serial port
#include "fc_comm.h"            //encode & send data to FlightControl
#include "wiimote.h"            //interface with the wiimote connected via Bluetooth

//#include "main.h"

//Pretty Text output: (==fun ;)
void prettyText(char* string) {
        int printed;
        int i;
        //pretty text output:
        printed = printf("*****%s", string);

        for (i=0;i<(65-printed);i++) {

int main(int argc, char* argv[]) {
        //temps & counters
        int tmp;
        int tmp1;
        //int i;
        //Print title:
        printf("\n"); prettyText("*"); printf("*v0.1\n"
                "*\t****MoteCtrl****     written by Alpin\n"
                "*\tlets you control your MikroKopter with a Wiimote!\n*\n");
        prettyText("*"); printf("\n");

        //**********Serial COM Port init & config:
        prettyText("COM Port init");
        printf("Serial COM Port you want to use to connect to the MikroKopter\n"
                "(only type the number then hit enter):\n");

        scanf_s("%d", &tmp);    //read a decimal from terminal
        tmp1 = init_com_port(tmp);      //initialize & config COM port tmp
        //init_com_port returned successfull?
        if( tmp1 == EXIT_FAILURE ) {
                printf("\n***COM%i Initilizaition/Configuration failed\n\n", tmp);
                prettyText("COM Port Init FAILED!");
                printf("exiting MoteCtrl...\n");
                return EXIT_FAILURE;
        else { prettyText("Init & config of COM DONE!"); printf("\n\n"); }

        //**********Wiimote init & config:
        prettyText("Wiimote Init");

        tmp = init_wiimote ();          //initialize wiimote
        //was init_wiimote successfull?
        if (tmp == EXIT_FAILURE ) {
                prettyText("Wiimote Init FAILED!");
                printf("exiting MoteCtrl...\n");
                return EXIT_FAILURE;
        else { prettyText("Wiimote Init DONE!"); printf("\n\n"); }
        /* Does not work yet:
        if(mote[0]->exp.type == EXP_NUNCHUK) {printf("Nunchuck plugged in!"); }
        else { printf("No Nunchuck extension found!"); }

        /***********Main: reading acc-values of wiimote, sending them as external-
        control data to the MikroKopter's FlightControl: */

        /* This is the Core of MotionCtrl, since it transfers the Wiimote data via the
        external control srtuct and the serial protocol encoding to the

        //Initialize entire ExternControl-struct with zeros
        SecureZeroMemory(&ExternControl, sizeof(struct str_ExternControl));

        //Activate the ExternalControl
        //gas = 0;      //init gas value
        ExternControl.Config = 1;

        //Main loop, "virtual" polling the wiimote events:
        while (1) {
                //wiiuse_poll returns the number of wiimotes, at which an event occured:
                if (wiiuse_poll(mote, MAX_WIIMOTES)) {
                        switch (mote[0]->event) {       //what type of event happened?

                                case WIIUSE_EVENT:
                                        //a generic event occured!
                                        /*Call function, which does the following: transferring
                                        the wiimote data to the ExternalControl struct: */


                                        //Send the (by handle_event) updated ExternControl struct
                                        //to the FlightCtrl:
                                        SendOutData('b', 1, (unsigned char *) &ExternControl, sizeof(struct str_ExternControl));


/* Some early tests
        while (1) {
                //externcon typedeffen
        SendOutData('b', 1, (unsigned char *) &ExternControl, sizeof(struct str_ExternControl));
        //sendStringToCom("#bR@T\r",6);         //send reset
        while(i<255) {
                tmp = getCharFromCom(&b);
                if (tmp) {
                        printf("%c", b);
        goto muh;


        return EXIT_SUCCESS;