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#define PPM_CHANNELS    8                       //number of channels. Depends on RC, eg. FX-30 wants 8 or 12.
                                                                        //All but HDG, PIT and ROL channel will be fixed to DEFAULT_US
#define PPM_FRAME               22000;          //PPM frame length in microseconds
#define PPM_SYNC_PW             300;            //PPM sync pulse length in microseconds. 300-400us usually
#define PPM_PIN                 (1<<PD4)        //OCR1B
#define PPM_INV                 0                       //0= normal PPM, 1= inverted PPM
#define DEFAULT_US              1500

#define HDG_MIN                 -45.0           //min. Heading angle from starting point after which hdg will be clipped
#define HDG_MAX                 +45.0           //max. Heading angle
#define HDG_US_MIN              1000            //min. Heading Servo PWM pulse width in microseconds
#define HDG_US_MAX              2000            //max. Heading Servo PWM pulse width in microseconds
#define HDG_CH                  6                       //Heading CH number

#define PIT_MIN                 -45.0
#define PIT_MAX                 +45.0
#define PIT_US_MIN              1000
#define PIT_US_MAX              2000
#define PIT_CH                  7

#define ROL_MIN                 -45.0
#define ROL_MAX                 +45.0
#define ROL_US_MIN              1000
#define ROL_US_MAX              2000
#define ROL_CH                  8

 * m_max and m_min are calibration values for the maximum and minimum
 * measurements recorded on each magnetic axis, which can vary for each
 * LSM303DLH. You should replace the values below with max and min readings from
 * your particular device.
 * To obtain the max and min values, you can use this program's
 * calibration mode, which is enabled by setting J1

const vector p = {0, -1, 0};
const vector right = {1, 0, 0};
const vector down = {0, 0, -1};
vector m_max = {371, 583, 507};
vector m_min = {-798, -543, -471};

void i2c_start();  
void i2c_write_byte(char byte);
char i2c_read_byte();  

char i2c_read_last_byte();  
void i2c_stop();

void ppm_init(void);

void read_data_raw(vector *a, vector *m);

float IIR2(float x, float* z);

int thr_filter(int  x, int * x_reg, int * y_reg);

void read_data(vector *a, vector *m);

float get_heading(const vector *a, const vector *m, const vector *p);

float get_perpendicular(const vector *a, const vector *d, const vector *q);

int get_us(float angle, float deg_min, float deg_max, int pwm_min,int pwm_max);