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LoCoHead - The low-cost head tracker project
Mathias Kreider, 2011

LocoHead modules are approved for private and commercial use.

LocoHead source code and hardware designs are for private use only,
they may NOT be used in commercial software or designs.

The purpose of this project
The goal of LoCoHead is the realisation of a lean head tracking solution in
software and hardware. It was based on the 3-axis LSM303DLH
Magnetormeter / Accelerometer, including data processing and
Output as a PPM or serial channel in order to control the actuators of camera mounts/gimbals.

Version 0.1 utilises the Polulu breakout board with ATMEGA32L

LoCoHEad - Pros
- Very low price, especially compared to gyro-based systems
- No Drift
- pitch, roll and yaw axis, ie. all-natural movement of the head is covered
- All sensor functions in one chip, no mechanical alignment / vertical boards needed
- Simple interface
- Easy sensor calibration
- Open source software

LoCoHead - Contra
- influenced by magnetic interference
- influenced by strong dynamic acceleration, esp Axial
- Lower resolution of the yaw axis (+ / - 0.5%) than that of roll and pitch (+ / - 0.05%)

Part of LoCoHead's code is based on the polulu example
(see polulu_LICENCE.txt)