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#ifndef _UART0_H
#define _UART0_H

#include "ubx.h"

#define RXD_BUFFER_LEN  150
// must be at least 4('#'+Addr+'CmdID'+'\r')+ (80 * 4)/3 = 111 bytes
#define TXD_BUFFER_LEN  150
#define RXD_BUFFER_LEN  150

#include <inttypes.h>

//Baud rate of the USART
#define USART0_BAUD 57600

extern void USART0_Init (void);
extern void USART0_TransmitTxData(void);
extern void USART0_ProcessRxData(void);
extern int16_t uart_putchar(int8_t c);

extern uint8_t PcAccess;
extern uint8_t RemotePollDisplayLine;

typedef struct
        uint8_t Digital[2];
        uint8_t RemoteButtons;
        int8_t  Nick;
        int8_t  Roll;
        int8_t  Yaw;
        uint8_t Gas;
        int8_t  Height;
        uint8_t free;
        uint8_t Frame;
        uint8_t Config;
} __attribute__((packed)) ExternControl_t;

extern ExternControl_t ExternControl;

typedef struct
        uint8_t Digital[2];
        uint16_t Analog[32];    // Debugvalues
} __attribute__((packed)) DebugOut_t;

extern DebugOut_t DebugOut;

typedef struct
        uint8_t SWMajor;
        uint8_t SWMinor;
        uint8_t ProtoMajor;
        uint8_t ProtoMinor;
        uint8_t SWPatch;
        uint8_t Reserved[5];
}  __attribute__((packed)) UART_VersionInfo_t;

typedef struct
        GPS_Pos_t Position;             // the gps position of the waypoint, see ubx.h for details
        int16_t Heading;                        // orientation, future implementation
        uint8_t ToleranceRadius;        // in meters, if the MK is within that range around the target, then the next target is triggered
        uint8_t HoldTime;                       // in seconds, if the was once in the tolerance area around a WP, this time defines the delay before the next WP is triggered
        uint8_t Event_Flag;                     // future implementation
        uint8_t reserve[12];            // reserve
} __attribute__((packed)) Waypoint_t;

extern Waypoint_t FollowMe;
extern uint8_t Request_SendFollowMe;

#endif //_UART0_H