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FMS Model Hexakopter

Name:           Hexa
Version:        1.0
Simulator:      FMS V2.0
Author:         Blitzprofi
Mail address:
Used software:  Metasequoia LE
Remarks:        This model simulates the Hexakopter from The design is a compromise between accuracy and high frame rates, the flight performance has been adopted as close as possible, but still can need improvement, but it will help to train the remote control of a quadrokopter.
Installation:   Copy all files into the .../FMS/MODEL/ directory!
Lega Stuff:     This product is freeware and may be freely distributed. No commercial use is authorized without specific permission. It must not be sold single or as part of a collection. It may only be uploaded to websites which are available without any cost. The files should not be altered and cannot be incorporated into other shareware or freeware programs or published on any electronic or mechanical media anywhere in the world without my written permission. The software is delivered as is. The author does not grant any warranty and won't be responsible for any hardware or software damages on the user's system. The user does apply this add-on on his/her own responsibility. The author can provide very limited support via e-mail. Please feel free to post any comments, suggestions or bug reports to the given email address.

Copyright (©) 2010 by Blitzprofi. All Rights Reserved.