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#ifndef _WAYPOINTS_H
#define _WAYPOINTS_H

#include "ubx.h"

typedef struct
        GPS_Pos_t Position;             // the gps position of the waypoint, see ubx.h for details
        s16 Heading;                    // orientation, future implementation
        u8  ToleranceRadius;    // in meters, if the MK is within that range around the target, then the next target is triggered
        u8  HoldTime;                   // in seconds, if the was once in the tolerance area around a WP, this time defies the delay before the next WP is triggered
        u8  Event_Flag;                 // future emplementation
        u8  reserve[12];                // reserve
} __attribute__((packed)) Waypoint_t;

u8 WPList_Init(void);
u8 WPList_Clear(void);
u8 WPList_GetCount(void);
u8 WPList_Append(Waypoint_t* pwp);
Waypoint_t* WPList_Begin(void);
Waypoint_t* WPList_Next(void);

#endif // _WAYPOINTS_H