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#ifndef __GPS_H
#define __GPS_H

#define GPS_SAT_MIN 6
#define GPS_FIX  0x01

struct str_GPSParameter
 float Amplification;
 float P;
 float I;
 float D;
 float V;
 float A;
 float ACC;
 s32  ModeSchalter;
} __attribute__((packed));

extern struct str_GPSParameter   GPSParameter;

extern u8  OsdBar;
extern s16 OsdDistance;
extern s16 GPS_Nick;
extern s16 GPS_Roll;

extern u8 Navigation(void);
extern void GPS_Init(void);
extern s32 TargetListeLong[20];
extern s32 TargetListeLat[20];
extern u32 ActualTargetNumber;
extern u32 StoreTargetNumber;