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#ifndef _KML_H
#define _KML_H
#include "fat16.h"
#include "gps.h"
// possible state of an kml-document
typedef enum
// structure of an kml-document
typedef struct kml_doc
KML_DocState_t state; // state of the kml-document
File_t *file; // filepointer to the file where the data should be saved.
} KML_Document_t;
uint8_t KML_LoggGPSCoordinates(KML_Document_t *); // intializes the kml-document with standard filename and adds points to the file
uint8_t KML_DocumentInit(KML_Document_t *); // Init the new kml-document
uint8_t KML_DocumentOpen(int8_t *, KML_Document_t *); // opens a new kml-document. a new file is created on the sd-memorycard
uint8_t KML_DocumentClose(KML_Document_t *doc); // closes the specified document saving remaining data to the file.
uint8_t KML_PlaceMarkOpen(KML_Document_t *doc); // opens a new placemark within the open kml-document
uint8_t KML_PlaceMarkClose(KML_Document_t *doc); // closes the actual placemark
uint8_t KML_LineStringBegin(KML_Document_t *doc); // begins a new linestring within the actual placemark
uint8_t KML_LineStringEnd(KML_Document_t *doc); // close the actual linestring within the actual placemark
uint8_t KML_LineStringAddPoint(KML_Document_t *); // adds a point from the gps (longitude, altitude, height) to the linestring
#endif //_KML_H