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to see what this is all about.
Simple way:
- Flash C-OSD-characters-(pal|ntsc).hex
- the 3rd LED (green one) should blink now
- wait till all chars appear on screen and ALL 4 LEDs are on
- Flash C-OSD-*-(pal|ntsc).hex acording to your needs
- Flash C-OSD-characters* (wait till all chars appear on screen before flashing next)
- Flash C-OSD-*-(pal|ntsc) acording to your needs
If you already have flashed a specific character file (or more) and you just want to
update the software itself, you do not need to flash the character files again.
Connect the "To FC" port from EPi-OSD to the Debug port of the NaviCtrl.
You will need NaviCtrl 0.15c soft to fully enjoy the software.
S1 enters a menu where you can cycle through using S2 and toggle/accept choice with S1
You can connect a spare RC-Channel to the PPM connector and enable/disable the HUD remotely with it, hopefully.
How To Flash the software (the MK-user way):