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#ifndef _UART1_H
#define _UART1_H
#define UART_MK3MAG 1
#define UART_MKGPS 2
#define TXD_BUFFER_LEN 150
#define RXD_BUFFER_LEN 150
#define BAUD_RATE 57600 //Baud Rate for the serial interfaces
#include "ubx.h"
typedef struct
u8 Digital[2];
u16 Analog[32]; // Debugwerte
} __attribute__((packed)) DebugOut_t;
extern DebugOut_t DebugOut;
typedef struct
u8 Digital[2];
u8 RemoteButtons;
s8 Nick;
s8 Roll;
s8 Yaw;
u8 Gas;
s8 Height;
u8 free;
u8 Frame;
u8 Config;
} __attribute__((packed)) ExternControl_t;
extern ExternControl_t ExternControl;
typedef struct
s16 Nick;
s16 Roll;
s16 Compass; // angle between north and head of the MK
} __attribute__((packed)) Attitude_t;
typedef struct
s16 Distance; // distance to target in cm
s16 Bearing; // course to target in deg
} __attribute__((packed)) GPS_PosDev_t;
typedef struct
GPS_Pos_t CurrentPosition; // see ubx.h for details
GPS_Pos_t TargetPosition;
GPS_PosDev_t TargetPositionDeviation;
GPS_Pos_t HomePosition;
GPS_PosDev_t HomePositionDeviation;
u8 WaypointIndex; // index of current waypoints running from 0 to WaypointNumber-1
u8 WaypointNumber; // number of stored waypoints
u8 SatsInUse; // no of satellites used for position solution
s16 Altimeter; // hight according to air pressure
s16 Variometer; // climb(+) and sink(-) rate
u16 FlyingTime; // in seconds
u8 UBat; // Battery Voltage in 0.1 Volts
u16 GroundSpeed; // speed over ground in cm/s (2D)
s16 Heading; // current flight direction in deg as angle to north
s16 CompassHeading; // current compass value
s8 AngleNick; // current Nick angle in 1°
s8 AngleRoll; // current Rick angle in 1°
u8 RC_Quality; // RC_Quality
u8 MKFlags; // Flags from FC
u8 NCFlags; // Flags from NC
u8 Errorcode; // 0 --> okay
u8 Reserve[8]; // for future use
} __attribute__((packed)) NaviData_t;
extern NaviData_t NaviData;
extern u8 Request_NaviData;
#define NC_FLAG_FREE 1
#define NC_FLAG_PH 2
#define NC_FLAG_CH 4
typedef struct
u8 SWMajor;
u8 SWMinor;
u8 ProtoMajor;
u8 ProtoMinor;
u8 SWPatch;
u8 Reserved[5];
} __attribute__((packed)) UART_VersionInfo_t;
extern volatile u8 rxd_buffer[RXD_BUFFER_LEN];
extern volatile u8 ReceivedBytes;
extern volatile u8 rxd_buffer_locked;
extern UART_TypeDef *DebugUART;
void UART1_Init(void);
void UART1_Transmit(void);
void UART1_TransmitTxData(void);
void UART1_ProcessRxData(void);
s16 uart_putchar (char c);
void SerialPutString(u8 *s);
extern u8 text[100];
extern u32 Request_NaviData_Intervall; // in 1ms
extern u8 Request_SendFollowMe;
#endif //_UART1_H