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1285 2992d 07h /Spektrum-Expander/FlightCtrl-Patch/v0.86d/ Patch for Version 0.86d  
1284 2996d 17h /Spektrum-Expander/FlightCtrl-Patch/v0.86c/ Patch for Version 0.86c  
1283 2998d 05h /Spektrum-Expander/FlightCtrl-Patch/v0.86b/ Patch for Version 0.86b (corrected a->b tagging)  
1282 2998d 06h /Spektrum-Expander/FlightCtrl-Patch/v0.86b/ Patch for Version 0.86b  
1226 3004d 11h /Spektrum-Expander/FlightCtrl-Patch/v0.86a/ Patch for Version 0.86a  
947 3157d 03h /Spektrum-Expander/ Added Readme-DX8.pdf  
946 3157d 07h /Spektrum-Expander/DX8-Modulator/Settings/  
945 3157d 07h /Spektrum-Expander/DX8-Modulator/Settings/ Added DX8-Settings for SD-Card  
944 3158d 04h /Spektrum-Expander/  
939 3173d 08h /Spektrum-Expander/FlightCtrl-Patch/v0.84a/ Patch for Version 0.84a  
934 3190d 06h /Spektrum-Expander/FlightCtrl-Patch/v0.82b/ Patch for Version 0.82b  
831 3314d 07h /Spektrum-Expander/FlightCtrl-Patch/v0.82a/ - Patch for v0.82a  
808 3382d 04h /Spektrum-Expander/FlightCtrl-Patch/ - Patch for v0.80g  
807 3382d 04h /Spektrum-Expander/FlightCtrl-Patch/v0.80h/ - Patch for v0.80h  
788 3410d 12h /Spektrum-Expander/FlightCtrl-Patch/v0.80f/ - Patch for v0.80f  
786 3413d 08h /Spektrum-Expander/FlightCtrl-Patch/v0.80e/ - Patch for v0.80e  
777 3417d 15h /Spektrum-Expander/FlightCtrl-Patch/v0.80d/ - Patch for v0.80d  
773 3425d 03h /Spektrum-Expander/FlightCtrl-Patch/v0.78i/ Support for FC2.1  
770 3455d 12h /Spektrum-Expander/FlightCtrl-Patch/v0.78f/ Added FC-Patch Sourcefile  
769 3458d 05h /Spektrum-Expander/ The Expander now serves 12(twelve!) channels!  

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