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2013 2225d 23h /Spektrum-Diversity/Hardware/ additionally shopping links  
931 3193d 22h /Spektrum-Diversity/ Added PPM/Jeti support and some features  
798 3381d 20h /Spektrum-Diversity/ - Kabelfarben editiert
- Kommentar aus St├╝ckliste entfernt
789 3394d 00h /Spektrum-Diversity/ - Updated PCB Pictures (without origins)
- Added first doku about connections
785 3398d 07h /Spektrum-Diversity/Hardware/ v1.11 - last small changes -FINAL-  
784 3401d 02h /Spektrum-Diversity/Hardware/ v1.1 - changed some parts to get a smaller PCB  
782 3401d 20h /Spektrum-Diversity/Hardware/ - v1.02 - Everything works  
781 3401d 21h /Spektrum-Diversity/Hardware/ - v1.01 - Everything works  
778 3402d 05h /Spektrum-Diversity/  
776 3403d 00h /Spektrum-Diversity/ - software should be compatible to hardware now
- added binding-procedure
- added self-test
775 3403d 06h /Spektrum-Diversity/ Diversity Adapter for up to 4 Spektrum-Satellites
- still in development - dont rebuilt