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140 4069d 05h ligi /Riddim/ latest riddim sources  
130 4124d 02h ligi /Riddim/ latest sources  
127 4155d 13h ligi /Riddim/ v0.5 - code cleanup  
126 4156d 00h ligi /Riddim/ removing lxml - not using it  
125 4156d 00h ligi /Riddim/ parsing configfile ( testing confuse @ openwrt )  
124 4158d 05h ligi /Riddim/openwrt_port/ first starting ( not running ;-) port of riddim for OpenWrt  
119 4162d 02h ligi /Riddim/ updating riddim makefile to b compatible with openwrt - bix up xm for
118 4162d 05h ligi /Riddim/openwrt_port/ initial openwrt makefile ( for testing purposes - not working yet )  
117 4162d 05h ligi /Riddim/ latest source  
50 4349d 21h ligi /Riddim/ 0.5 - code cleanup
0.4 - Measure time from send command to confirm
0.3 - mode selector
49 4364d 02h ligi /Riddim/ updating infos in readme - Licence now in README too -> removed COPYING  
48 4364d 15h ligi /Riddim/ Riddim 0.2 -> ITs WORKIN!!!  
47 4366d 20h ligi /Riddim/ cleanup & prepare ExternControl  
44 4372d 00h ligi /Riddim/ updating riddim Readme  
43 4372d 19h ligi /Riddim/ Riddim Version 0.1  
41 4374d 21h ligi /Riddim/ initial riddim release  
40 4374d 22h ingob /Riddim/