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2339 864d 14h /RaspberryPi/ExPlat/ name of dirs or files that contain special characters like "*" could not be created successfully on windows system.  
2231 909d 09h /RaspberryPi/ExPlat/FlightCtrl/  
2230 935d 05h /RaspberryPi/ExPlat/*/  
2229 935d 05h /RaspberryPi/ExPlat/  
2228 935d 05h /RaspberryPi/ExPlat/  
2227 935d 05h /RaspberryPi/  
2106 1354d 15h /RaspberryPi/  
2105 1354d 15h /RaspberryPi/  
2104 1354d 15h /RaspberryPi/PiMote/  
2103 1354d 15h /RaspberryPi/PiMote/Neuer Ordner/  
2102 1367d 13h /RaspberryPi/PiMote/  
2101 1368d 13h ingob /RaspberryPi/