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397 4289 d 12 h Brean /QMK-Groundstation/branches/own_com_lib/Forms/mktool.cpp removed get_Float from ToolBox  
396 4289 d 12 h Brean /QMK-Groundstation/branches/own_com_lib/Forms/mktool.cpp added FIXMEs for things that will be put in the com-lib
added pri-file for com-lib
added kdevelop-file
compiles successfully (but QMKGS does not work - communication is not possible)
changed svn-propset to ignore generated files
393 4290 d 8 h Brean /QMK-Groundstation/branches/own_com_lib/Forms/mktool.cpp decode64 calculates length using string.size() (FIXME: Check if this is correct)
copied receive_data to handler (FIXME: needs to be rewritten to save values in local variables that will be updated by the gui in a preset interval)
392 4290 d 9 h Brean /QMK-Groundstation/branches/own_com_lib/Forms/mktool.cpp New Communication class that is inherited by QTCommunication.
This allows easier exchange of the communication module.
cConnection will be deleted in one of the next releases.
An alternative communication class for pure socket connection will be added in the future.
391 4290 d 10 h Brean /QMK-Groundstation/branches/own_com_lib/Forms/mktool.cpp First steps to seperate Mikrokopter-communication stuff and logic from GUI
(WARNING: will not compile jet!)
this includes:
* comment code in English
* lowercase for variable names
* QT-independent Code (using std::string instead of qstring etc.)

(Maybe "com" is the wrong name and I should rename it to libmk or something)
the folder com includes a Parser that parses incomming data from the Mikrokopter in another format and a Handler that can understand the Mikrokopter commands and that fills structs according to the definitions.
358 4305 d 7 h KeyOz /QMK-Groundstation/branches/own_com_lib/Forms/mktool.cpp Version 0.8.2 - Waypoint-Liste abfliegen möglich  
337 4310 d 7 h KeyOz /QMK-Groundstation/branches/own_com_lib/Forms/mktool.cpp Release Version 0.8.0 für FC 0.73d & NC 0.15c  
334 4312 d 8 h KeyOz /QMK-Groundstation/branches/own_com_lib/Forms/mktool.cpp Version 0.7.14 - Anpassung für NC v0.15c im Beta-Mode..  
315 4324 d 3 h KeyOz /QMK-Groundstation/branches/own_com_lib/Forms/mktool.cpp Genauigkeit der Position beim Klicken in der Map erhöht.  
314 4324 d 5 h KeyOz /QMK-Groundstation/branches/own_com_lib/Forms/mktool.cpp Version 0.7.12 - Bugfix bei Navi-Positionen.  
313 4324 d 6 h KeyOz /QMK-Groundstation/branches/own_com_lib/Forms/mktool.cpp Version 0.7.11
- Einfache Daten-Send-Widerholung eingebaut
- Kleinere Bugs beseitigt.
307 4327 d 10 h KeyOz /QMK-Groundstation/branches/own_com_lib/Forms/mktool.cpp Version 0.7.10
- MotorMixer-Settings hinzugefügt.!!
306 4328 d 12 h KeyOz /QMK-Groundstation/branches/own_com_lib/Forms/mktool.cpp # 18.03.2009 * Version 0.7.8 -> 0.7.9

* Einstellungs-Dialog umgebaut (GUI).
* MK-Settings-Dialog umgebaut (GUI).
* AVRDUDE einstellbar (Pfad und so).
* Pfad für Map-Cache einstellbar
* Anfliegen eines Zielpunktes aus der Map heraus moglich.
* GPS-Mode Anzeige im Cockpit (Free, Position Hold, Coming Home, Range Limit)
305 4332 d 12 h KeyOz /QMK-Groundstation/branches/own_com_lib/Forms/mktool.cpp v0.7.8 - Karten-Funktion eingebaut.  
279 4344 d 8 h KeyOz /QMK-Groundstation/branches/own_com_lib/Forms/mktool.cpp # 02.03.2009 * Version 0.7.0 -> 0.7.3

* Datenlogger-System überarbeitet
* Kopter-Verbindung überarbeitet

* Verbindung zum Kopter über IP möglich.
* Anfliegen eines Wegpunktes (Target) möglich
272 4345 d 8 h KeyOz /QMK-Groundstation/branches/own_com_lib/Forms/mktool.cpp Version 0.7.2g - QMK-Datenserver freigegeben.  
263 4356 d 6 h KeyOz /QMK-Groundstation/branches/own_com_lib/Forms/mktool.cpp Kopter-Verbindung über IP nun möglich.  
250 4367 d 8 h KeyOz /QMK-Groundstation/branches/own_com_lib/Forms/mktool.cpp * Serielle Verbindungsroutinen in eigene Klasse ausgelagert um Flexibler bei der Verbindung zu werden.
* Target-Position an NaviCtrl senden.
246 4371 d 6 h KeyOz /QMK-Groundstation/branches/own_com_lib/Forms/mktool.cpp - Anpassungen für NC 0.13a
- Hinweis auf kompatible Firmware im About-Dialog

Um das Programm mit der Beta-Firmware zu nutzen bitte 'qmake "DEFINES+=_BETA_" ' aufrufen.
(Mit dem dazu passenden .pro noch hintendrann.)
241 4374 d 10 h KeyOz /QMK-Groundstation/branches/own_com_lib/Forms/mktool.cpp Kleine Änderungen am CVS-Logger.  

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