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450 4277 d 9 h Brean /QMK-Groundstation/branches/libMK/libMK/Kopter.h connection-stuff  
449 4277 d 12 h Brean /QMK-Groundstation/branches/libMK/libMK/Kopter.h removed string - using char * instead
moved "create frame" method to parser (so all the communication class has to do is to send and receive raw data)
442 4284 d 8 h Brean /QMK-Groundstation/branches/libMK/libMK/Kopter.h Data in MotorMixer  
440 4284 d 11 h Brean /QMK-Groundstation/branches/libMK/libMK/Kopter.h moved com to libMK
created KopterData as only class that contains the data of the Mikrokopter
removed Motor-stuff (I will create a motor struct later)
391 4290 d 9 h Brean /QMK-Groundstation/branches/libMK/libMK/Kopter.h First steps to seperate Mikrokopter-communication stuff and logic from GUI
(WARNING: will not compile jet!)
this includes:
* comment code in English
* lowercase for variable names
* QT-independent Code (using std::string instead of qstring etc.)

(Maybe "com" is the wrong name and I should rename it to libmk or something)
the folder com includes a Parser that parses incomming data from the Mikrokopter in another format and a Handler that can understand the Mikrokopter commands and that fills structs according to the definitions.