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540 3964 d 5 h KeyOz /QMK-Groundstation/  
539 3964 d 5 h KeyOz /QMK-Groundstation/  
538 3964 d 5 h KeyOz /QMK-Groundstation/ Release final Version 1.0  
537 3964 d 5 h KeyOz /QMK-Groundstation/ Release final Version 1.0  
525 3984 d 7 h KeyOz /QMK-Groundstation/ Version 0.8.15

- Auswahl-Box für das Device eingefügt. Es werden bis zu 10 Einträge gespeichert.
524 3985 d 10 h Brean /QMK-Groundstation/ basic Unit-Testing classes  
513 3996 d 10 h Brean /QMK-Groundstation/ Daten empfangen und senden über QTSerialCommunication in libMK
Angefangen mit Unit-Testing für die libMK
500 4017 d 6 h Brean /QMK-Groundstation/ receiving data from MikroKopter
added new, detailed logging for libMK (with colors)
481 4026 d 7 h KeyOz /QMK-Groundstation/ Version 0.8.10

- Anpassungen für FC 0.75a
- Dialog zum Kalibrieren von Bild-Karten eingefügt.
462 4040 d 2 h Brean /QMK-Groundstation/ communication stuff  
451 4046 d 5 h Brean /QMK-Groundstation/ QT-stuff in QTSerialCommunication (wont link!)  
450 4046 d 9 h Brean /QMK-Groundstation/ connection-stuff  
449 4046 d 12 h Brean /QMK-Groundstation/ removed string - using char * instead
moved "create frame" method to parser (so all the communication class has to do is to send and receive raw data)
442 4053 d 8 h Brean /QMK-Groundstation/ Data in MotorMixer  
441 4053 d 11 h Brean /QMK-Groundstation/ removed Ticker
added Array for analogdata values
440 4053 d 11 h Brean /QMK-Groundstation/ moved com to libMK
created KopterData as only class that contains the data of the Mikrokopter
removed Motor-stuff (I will create a motor struct later)
399 4058 d 9 h Brean /QMK-Groundstation/ added Communication class with some basic stuff (only a bool variable that remembers if connection is established)
moved most of the commands from mktool.cpp to Handler.cpp/extended Handler.cpp
398 4058 d 11 h Brean /QMK-Groundstation/ merged trunk into branch  
397 4058 d 11 h Brean /QMK-Groundstation/ removed get_Float from ToolBox  
396 4058 d 11 h Brean /QMK-Groundstation/ added FIXMEs for things that will be put in the com-lib
added pri-file for com-lib
added kdevelop-file
compiles successfully (but QMKGS does not work - communication is not possible)
changed svn-propset to ignore generated files

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