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1387 2931d 20h /MissionCockpit/tags/V0.7.0/ Delete 3DMouse.exe  
1373 2938d 07h /MissionCockpit/tags/  
1288 2976d 19h /MissionCockpit/tags/V0.8.0/ MissionCockpit-V0.8.0.ZIP replaced with correct version of  
1287 2976d 19h /MissionCockpit/tags/V0.8.0/ Delete MissionCockpit-V0.8.0.ZIP because of wrong version of  
1286 2987d 09h /MissionCockpit/tags/V0.8.0/ Mission Cockpit Version 0.8.0  
940 3172d 21h /MissionCockpit/tags/V0.7.0/ Mission Cockpit 0.7.0 for NC 0.24  
936 3181d 08h /MissionCockpit/tags/V0.5.0/map/  
935 3183d 08h /MissionCockpit/tags/V0.5.3/  
834 3307d 17h /MissionCockpit/tags/V0.6.0/ Mission Cockpit 0.6.0  
827 3329d 20h /MissionCockpit/tags/V0.5.4/ Mission Cockpit 0.5.4
Speed controlled Player
Altitude Control
825 3347d 21h /MissionCockpit/tags/V0.5.3/ Mission Cockpit 0.5.3  
824 3349d 22h /MissionCockpit/tags/ 0.5.2 gelöscht  
823 3350d 23h /MissionCockpit/tags/V0.5.2/ Mission Cockpit 0.5.2: Google Maps + OpenStreetMap support.  
810 3366d 23h /MissionCockpit/tags/V0.5.1/ Mission Cockpit 0.5.1  
802 3389d 20h /MissionCockpit/tags/V0.5.0/ Files gelöscht, die ein Spassvogel wohl beim Spielen mit dem SVN hier reinkopiert hat.  
799 3395d 06h /MissionCockpit/tags/V0.5.0/  
779 3417d 02h /MissionCockpit/tags/V0.5.0/ Version 0.5.0 for FC 0.80, NC 0.20  
746 3547d 22h rain-er /MissionCockpit/tags/V0.4.2/ Mission Cockpit V0.4.2  
739 3575d 22h rain-er /MissionCockpit/tags/V0.4.1/ Mission Cockpit 0.4.1  
733 3583d 03h rain-er /MissionCockpit/tags/V0.4.0/ Bugfix (JoystickButton Min-Value)  

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