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2598 1626 d 15 h /C-OSD/trunk/usart1.h 20170511-1145
*adapted structs to reflect FC/NC software V2.18a
2225 2062 d 19 h /C-OSD/trunk/usart1.h 20160302-0700
*adapted structs to reflect FC/NC software V2.14a/b
2099 2373 d 4 h /C-OSD/trunk/usart1.h *adapted structs to reflect FC/NC software V2.10a/b  
2075 2567 d 3 h /C-OSD/trunk/usart1.h *adapted structs to reflect FC/NC software V2.08a
*changed hanging to 2min wait in case of version missmatch
2039 2782 d 16 h /C-OSD/trunk/usart1.h *adapted structs to reflect FC/NC software V2.04a  
1866 3171 d 4 h /C-OSD/trunk/usart1.h +Source option to set the Aggr.Horizon indicator bars on the same level as the horizon
1801 3254 d 3 h /C-OSD/trunk/usart1.h +No FC communication define in config for usage with NC and no FC
*memcpy stuff instead of inplace buffer to unlock the buffer faster
+prepared the 3D Data stuff
1773 3276 d 13 h /C-OSD/trunk/usart1.h attemp to fix errors when building with GCC 4.7  
1437 3583 d 13 h /C-OSD/trunk/usart1.h @//remarks is error.
@clearing only take 20us. Not 12us
902 3918 d 11 h /C-OSD/trunk/usart1.h *added big speed indicator (credits to: uwerner)
*added possibility to show GPS-Coordinates during flight
*added more _brackets_
@To see correct corner-chars when using scope, flash the character-set
included in this release!
835 3996 d 4 h /C-OSD/trunk/usart1.h *increased buffer so the new config struct really fits (fixes garbage after setting name)
*fixed GPS-blink on startup
*re-enable some ascii-char mappings (some people do have underscores in their setting-names)
783 4105 d 12 h /C-OSD/trunk/usart1.h *added current setting display
*updated structs for FC 0.80 and NC 0.20 (old version will still work, just cosmetics)
*battery warn level now _can_ be taken from the FC-Settings
*corrected some defines so FC stuff is only in FC Builds and NC stuff only in NC builds
762 4165 d 11 h /C-OSD/trunk/usart1.h *fixed bug in stats when max-distance > 999m  
738 4267 d 1 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/usart1.h *hopefully fixed the laggy osd data problem
-send_data_mk has been striked out to save space
@nc-mode should be small enough for bootloader again ( Program: 14986 bytes (91.5% Full) )
734 4271 d 8 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/usart1.h +mah wasted per flight (still counts up after landing, but space gets tight)
*init phase from 2000ms to 3000ms
*init only takes place after first "valid" UBat is received (<4V should case the Mega to reset anyways)
728 4273 d 1 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/usart1.h adapted MK-datastructs to NC 0.18c
added choice for current display measured by FC
389 4572 d 0 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/usart1.h *reset-bug fixed
*moved code a bit
387 4572 d 4 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/usart1.h *reset-bug workaround in usart1.c: usart1_DisableTXD and usart1_EnableTXD  
346 4584 d 5 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/usart1.h +added request of OSD data, disrequest of debug data and uptime reset to menu
-removed the uptime-reset binding from S2
+pgm space for some strings to save _normal_ data space
*some code movement
331 4590 d 1 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/usart1.h + disabling the txd pin while not using it so it won't interfere with KopterTool usage (thx joko)
+ if no data has been received for over 2sec we re-request it
* tried source organisation a bit