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2598 1626 d 15 h /C-OSD/trunk/osd_fcmode_default.c 20170511-1145
*adapted structs to reflect FC/NC software V2.18a
2225 2062 d 18 h /C-OSD/trunk/osd_fcmode_default.c 20160302-0700
*adapted structs to reflect FC/NC software V2.14a/b
2099 2373 d 4 h /C-OSD/trunk/osd_fcmode_default.c *adapted structs to reflect FC/NC software V2.10a/b  
2039 2782 d 16 h /C-OSD/trunk/osd_fcmode_default.c *adapted structs to reflect FC/NC software V2.04a  
1866 3171 d 4 h /C-OSD/trunk/osd_fcmode_default.c +Source option to set the Aggr.Horizon indicator bars on the same level as the horizon
1771 3279 d 12 h /C-OSD/trunk/osd_fcmode_default.c *small init fix for display modes
*small change in ppm handling
1437 3583 d 13 h /C-OSD/trunk/osd_fcmode_default.c @//remarks is error.
@clearing only take 20us. Not 12us
955 3795 d 15 h /C-OSD/trunk/osd_fcmode_default.c *possible fix of the previous ugly RSSI hack  
954 3796 d 9 h /C-OSD/trunk/osd_fcmode_default.c +really ugly (untested) hack to get ACT DSL RSSI information in FC-Only mode  
902 3918 d 11 h /C-OSD/trunk/osd_fcmode_default.c *added big speed indicator (credits to: uwerner)
*added possibility to show GPS-Coordinates during flight
*added more _brackets_
@To see correct corner-chars when using scope, flash the character-set
included in this release!
783 4105 d 12 h /C-OSD/trunk/osd_fcmode_default.c *added current setting display
*updated structs for FC 0.80 and NC 0.20 (old version will still work, just cosmetics)
*battery warn level now _can_ be taken from the FC-Settings
*corrected some defines so FC stuff is only in FC Builds and NC stuff only in NC builds
766 4152 d 3 h /C-OSD/trunk/osd_fcmode_default.c *corrected heigth-division-factor when using baro-height  
761 4195 d 14 h /C-OSD/trunk/osd_fcmode_default.c *distance to home now 4 digits for long distance flights
*max height and speed shown again in stats
*clear full screen before stats shown so the art-horizon does not bug us
@some code formatting
728 4273 d 1 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/osd_fcmode_default.c adapted MK-datastructs to NC 0.18c
added choice for current display measured by FC
523 4494 d 6 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/osd_fcmode_default.c *hopefully fixed the new 10th number showing functions
+support for GPS height instead of Baro
519 4498 d 2 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/osd_fcmode_default.c *write-number-functions changed, using itoa now, saves space, should be faster
*inline added for basic max7456-spi_send because saves procedure call (^= time)
507 4518 d 5 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/osd_fcmode_default.c *spi transfer now struct driven
*lesser spi update rate (caused problems on some strom-slaves)
*voltage gets transfered via spi as well
*menu to switch display of 2nd voltage measured by C-Strom on and off
497 4526 d 12 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/osd_fcmode_default.c *possible to choose between different osd-layouts (via menu)  
474 4538 d 14 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/osd_fcmode_default.c +pal/ntsc changable in menu (applied immedeately!)  
471 4542 d 3 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/osd_fcmode_default.c *mah corrected
+config gets saved now (menu item!)
*source moved a bit

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