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514 3930 d 4 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/main.c *ALL characters now in Progmem, from now on there will be only ONE char-file!  
507 3944 d 21 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/main.c *spi transfer now struct driven
*lesser spi update rate (caused problems on some strom-slaves)
*voltage gets transfered via spi as well
*menu to switch display of 2nd voltage measured by C-Strom on and off
502 3947 d 19 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/main.c * ALL leds on after character flashing  
499 3953 d 4 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/main.c *bugfix for stats  
497 3953 d 4 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/main.c *possible to choose between different osd-layouts (via menu)  
495 3953 d 8 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/main.c *some autobuilding stuff for different modes  
489 3954 d 22 h woggle /C-OSD/trunk/main.c more precise timer, move more data to PROGMEM, remove warnings  
477 3962 d 19 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/main.c +HUD on/off via RC (connect to PPM, according to manual) testing stuff  
474 3965 d 6 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/main.c +pal/ntsc changable in menu (applied immedeately!)  
471 3968 d 19 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/main.c *mah corrected
+config gets saved now (menu item!)
*source moved a bit
468 3969 d 17 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/main.c +mah currently wasted
*some small changes
467 3970 d 18 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/main.c *modded the real alpha stuff i have been talking about below  
466 3971 d 3 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/main.c *some code format cleanup  
465 3971 d 18 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/main.c +some really testing stuff 'bout current measurement, more to come  
459 3974 d 18 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/main.c *osd-layouts in seperate files so including own layouts should get easier
+build date is displayed during init to know which version you are runing
458 3974 d 23 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/main.c *cellnumber autoconfig modified, offset set to 1,5V  
457 3975 d 5 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/main.c *copy paste nick/roll error fixed
*clean after build in
455 3975 d 7 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/main.c *some code movement
+artificial horizon for FC-ONLY mode
454 3975 d 21 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/main.c +some FCONLY basics (set FCONLY to 1 in main.h to use it)  
453 3976 d 18 h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/main.c *battery voltages now calculated according to CELL_VOLT_MIN CELL_VOLT_MAX and CELL_NUM
*CELL_NUM -1 causes a rough auto detection of cell number
-UBAT_WRN and UBAT_MAX are now deprecated

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