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2217 1485d 22h /C-OSD/trunk/ 20151026-0630
*adapted structs to reflect FC/NC software V2.12a
2099 1667d 08h /C-OSD/trunk/ *adapted structs to reflect FC/NC software V2.10a/b  
2040 2074d 10h /C-OSD/trunk/default/ *added flash script for usbasp  
2039 2076d 21h /C-OSD/trunk/ *adapted structs to reflect FC/NC software V2.04a  
1866 2465d 08h /C-OSD/trunk/ +Source option to set the Aggr.Horizon indicator bars on the same level as the horizon
735 3565d 11h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/ *missed a bracket
+dist.bat for windows
514 3797d 16h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/ *ALL characters now in Progmem, from now on there will be only ONE char-file!  
501 3815d 10h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/default/ * ntsc character files now get in dist as well  
498 3820d 16h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/default/ -removed multiple files for different layouts, now all in one  
495 3820d 20h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/ *some autobuilding stuff for different modes  
480 3829d 07h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/ -nighteagle's mess cleaned up :)  
461 3842d 06h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/default/ *glitch in fixed  
457 3842d 17h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/ *copy paste nick/roll error fixed
*clean after build in
456 3842d 18h cascade /C-OSD/trunk/default/ +a little shellscript to auto-build the files (testing)