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1992 3009 d 21 h /C-OSD/trunk/default/dist.bat *adapted settings struct to FC software 0.90j  
1951 3086 d 9 h /C-OSD/trunk/default/dist.bat 20130401-1216
*fixed display of mAh from C-Strom
*fixed ppm crash due do underflow
1866 3133 d 20 h /C-OSD/trunk/default/dist.bat +Source option to set the Aggr.Horizon indicator bars on the same level as the horizon
1771 3242 d 4 h /C-OSD/trunk/default/dist.bat *small init fix for display modes
*small change in ppm handling
1706 3343 d 22 h /C-OSD/trunk/default/dist.bat *expanded ampere wasted to 5digits in nc_mode_default  
1593 3460 d 4 h /C-OSD/trunk/default/dist.bat *corrected bug in stats which caused maximal current to be overwritten  
1591 3461 d 7 h /C-OSD/trunk/default/dist.bat *setting struct adapted to V0.88e
@caused wrong setting-name display
1437 3546 d 5 h /C-OSD/trunk/default/dist.bat @//remarks is error.
@clearing only take 20us. Not 12us
942 3823 d 23 h /C-OSD/trunk/default/dist.bat +added possibility to blank the display with SJ1 (SJ1 closed = no HUD)  
941 3824 d 5 h /C-OSD/trunk/default/dist.bat *small adaption to NC 0.24b and FC 0.84a
*added CF-indicator icon
@To see the correct CF-indicator you will have to flash the characters!
902 3881 d 3 h /C-OSD/trunk/default/dist.bat *added big speed indicator (credits to: uwerner)
*added possibility to show GPS-Coordinates during flight
*added more _brackets_
@To see correct corner-chars when using scope, flash the character-set
included in this release!
837 3926 d 20 h /C-OSD/trunk/default/dist.bat *added _brackets_ to mark a scope when using a second camera
(might help to remember what the second camera is filming)
@To see real corners, flash the new character-set included in this release!
835 3958 d 19 h /C-OSD/trunk/default/dist.bat *increased buffer so the new config struct really fits (fixes garbage after setting name)
*fixed GPS-blink on startup
*re-enable some ascii-char mappings (some people do have underscores in their setting-names)
826 3998 d 8 h /C-OSD/trunk/default/dist.bat *fixed EPi-Strom voltage-display when using FC-Ampere
*added passive option: OSD will NOT request data after bootup
809 4027 d 18 h /C-OSD/trunk/default/dist.bat *fixed height-offset causing different height values in OSD compared to MK-Tool when using baro-height (thx Neo360)  
800 4044 d 18 h /C-OSD/trunk/default/dist.bat *removed debug-leftover in ppm.c (thx OktoMac)
*made number display-routines more stable when big numbers occur
787 4064 d 14 h /C-OSD/trunk/default/dist.bat *removed constantly requests for the NC Uart in NC mode which caused problems when using OSD/MKTool at the same time  
783 4068 d 4 h /C-OSD/trunk/default/dist.bat *added current setting display
*updated structs for FC 0.80 and NC 0.20 (old version will still work, just cosmetics)
*battery warn level now _can_ be taken from the FC-Settings
*corrected some defines so FC stuff is only in FC Builds and NC stuff only in NC builds
772 4097 d 0 h /C-OSD/trunk/default/dist.bat *hopefully fixed altimeter-stats
*some basic antenna tracking insertion for others to test
768 4114 d 19 h /C-OSD/trunk/default/dist.bat *back to future II :)  

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