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829 3778 d 18 h /C-OSD/ tschuldige, mein Fehler in der SVN Bedienung

wieder gelöscht
828 3778 d 18 h /C-OSD/  
826 3800 d 5 h /C-OSD/ *fixed EPi-Strom voltage-display when using FC-Ampere
*added passive option: OSD will NOT request data after bootup
809 3829 d 15 h /C-OSD/ *fixed height-offset causing different height values in OSD compared to MK-Tool when using baro-height (thx Neo360)  
800 3846 d 16 h /C-OSD/ *removed debug-leftover in ppm.c (thx OktoMac)
*made number display-routines more stable when big numbers occur
787 3866 d 11 h /C-OSD/ *removed constantly requests for the NC Uart in NC mode which caused problems when using OSD/MKTool at the same time  
783 3870 d 1 h /C-OSD/ *added current setting display
*updated structs for FC 0.80 and NC 0.20 (old version will still work, just cosmetics)
*battery warn level now _can_ be taken from the FC-Settings
*corrected some defines so FC stuff is only in FC Builds and NC stuff only in NC builds
772 3898 d 21 h /C-OSD/ *hopefully fixed altimeter-stats
*some basic antenna tracking insertion for others to test
771 3902 d 17 h /C-OSD/ +C-Strom sources  
768 3916 d 16 h /C-OSD/ *back to future II :)  
767 3916 d 16 h /C-OSD/ *back to future :)  
766 3916 d 16 h /C-OSD/ *corrected heigth-division-factor when using baro-height  
762 3929 d 23 h /C-OSD/ *fixed bug in stats when max-distance > 999m  
761 3960 d 3 h /C-OSD/ *distance to home now 4 digits for long distance flights
*max height and speed shown again in stats
*clear full screen before stats shown so the art-horizon does not bug us
@some code formatting
758 3972 d 14 h cascade /C-OSD/ *fixed bug causing PPM-based display on/off to fail
*fixed display of AGRESSiVA-horizion during motor run
757 3978 d 17 h cascade /C-OSD/ *added mph/ft (two new chars added, reflash characters if you need ft/mph)
*AGRESSiVA-horizion now switchable via menu
*reworked menu a bit
*switched from -O2 to -Os because of the added stuff
756 3984 d 20 h cascade /C-OSD/ -SVN is for sourcecode, not for binaries...  
755 3984 d 20 h cascade /C-OSD/ -SVN is for sourcecode, not for binaries...  
753 3988 d 13 h cascade /C-OSD/ *RC-RSSI now shown if available (RC_Quality is still fallback, still needs FC patch)
+AGRESSiVA-horizion to main trunk (NEW_ARTHORIZON 1 to test, needs new chars)
+chars needed for above mod to chars.mcm and chars.c
752 3988 d 13 h cascade /C-OSD/ -aggressiva mod extra dir  

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