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2009 2278d 06h /C-OSD/trunk/ *fixed FC-only mode  
2001 2306d 08h /C-OSD/trunk/default/ 20130622-2030
*adapted settings struct to FC software 0.90L
2000 2306d 08h /C-OSD/trunk/ 20130622-2030
*adapted settings struct to FC software 0.90L
1992 2340d 20h /C-OSD/trunk/ *adapted settings struct to FC software 0.90j  
1951 2417d 09h /C-OSD/trunk/ 20130401-1216
*fixed display of mAh from C-Strom
*fixed ppm crash due do underflow
1866 2464d 19h /C-OSD/trunk/ +Source option to set the Aggr.Horizon indicator bars on the same level as the horizon
1805 2540d 02h /C-OSD/trunk/ *reverted false commit from someone  
1804 2540d 21h /C-OSD/trunk/  
1803 2540d 21h /C-OSD/trunk/  
1802 2540d 21h /C-OSD/trunk/  
1801 2547d 19h /C-OSD/trunk/ +No FC communication define in config for usage with NC and no FC
*memcpy stuff instead of inplace buffer to unlock the buffer faster
+prepared the 3D Data stuff
1773 2570d 04h /C-OSD/trunk/ attemp to fix errors when building with GCC 4.7  
1772 2570d 22h /C-OSD/trunk/ *renamed usart-ISRs  
1771 2573d 03h /C-OSD/trunk/ *small init fix for display modes
*small change in ppm handling
1706 2674d 22h /C-OSD/trunk/ *expanded ampere wasted to 5digits in nc_mode_default  
1703 2683d 07h /C-OSD/ *moved files
@Whoever is using this SVN: Please keep it tidy...
1702 2689d 21h /C-OSD/  
1596 2788d 07h /C-OSD/trunk/ *comment adapted  
1595 2788d 07h /C-OSD/trunk/ *adapted version in README.TXT  
1593 2791d 04h /C-OSD/trunk/ *corrected bug in stats which caused maximal current to be overwritten  

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