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2000 2439 d 1 h /C-OSD/ 20130622-2030
*adapted settings struct to FC software 0.90L
1992 2473 d 14 h /C-OSD/ *adapted settings struct to FC software 0.90j  
1951 2550 d 2 h /C-OSD/ 20130401-1216
*fixed display of mAh from C-Strom
*fixed ppm crash due do underflow
1866 2597 d 13 h /C-OSD/ +Source option to set the Aggr.Horizon indicator bars on the same level as the horizon
1805 2672 d 20 h /C-OSD/ *reverted false commit from someone  
1804 2673 d 14 h /C-OSD/  
1803 2673 d 14 h /C-OSD/  
1802 2673 d 14 h /C-OSD/  
1801 2680 d 12 h /C-OSD/ +No FC communication define in config for usage with NC and no FC
*memcpy stuff instead of inplace buffer to unlock the buffer faster
+prepared the 3D Data stuff
1773 2702 d 22 h /C-OSD/ attemp to fix errors when building with GCC 4.7  
1772 2703 d 16 h /C-OSD/ *renamed usart-ISRs  
1771 2705 d 21 h /C-OSD/ *small init fix for display modes
*small change in ppm handling
1706 2807 d 15 h /C-OSD/ *expanded ampere wasted to 5digits in nc_mode_default  
1703 2816 d 1 h /C-OSD/ *moved files
@Whoever is using this SVN: Please keep it tidy...
1702 2822 d 14 h /C-OSD/  
1596 2921 d 0 h /C-OSD/ *comment adapted  
1595 2921 d 0 h /C-OSD/ *adapted version in README.TXT  
1593 2923 d 21 h /C-OSD/ *corrected bug in stats which caused maximal current to be overwritten  
1591 2925 d 0 h /C-OSD/ *setting struct adapted to V0.88e
@caused wrong setting-name display
1468 2998 d 11 h /C-OSD/ *setting struct adapted to V0.86d
@caused wrong setting-name display
1437 3009 d 22 h /C-OSD/ @//remarks is error.
@clearing only take 20us. Not 12us
1364 3060 d 0 h /C-OSD/ -svnserv-stuff
@some times seeing the author of the commit would be cool
1334 3077 d 17 h /C-OSD/  
1281 3113 d 20 h /C-OSD/ +logo support
@there is a logo in the new character definitions
@to see it you will have to reflash characters
@insert your own logo if you like to, see osd-logo.png as example
@and use
1199 3135 d 23 h /C-OSD/ +Initial C-Epilepsy release  
1197 3141 d 0 h /C-OSD/ *initial testing stuff for -45° rotated flights (X instead of +)
*some minor code changes
958 3218 d 2 h /C-OSD/  
957 3218 d 2 h /C-OSD/  
955 3222 d 0 h /C-OSD/ *possible fix of the previous ugly RSSI hack  
954 3222 d 18 h /C-OSD/ +really ugly (untested) hack to get ACT DSL RSSI information in FC-Only mode  
953 3222 d 23 h /C-OSD/  
952 3233 d 20 h /C-OSD/ *fixed statistics-accumulation in minimal-screen.  
942 3287 d 16 h /C-OSD/ +added possibility to blank the display with SJ1 (SJ1 closed = no HUD)  
941 3287 d 22 h /C-OSD/ *small adaption to NC 0.24b and FC 0.84a
*added CF-indicator icon
@To see the correct CF-indicator you will have to flash the characters!
932 3311 d 15 h /C-OSD/ *added debug output option for MAX7456 emulation
*moved horizon one line higher when displaying GPS-Coordinates
*fixed small glitch in menu
902 3344 d 20 h /C-OSD/ *added big speed indicator (credits to: uwerner)
*added possibility to show GPS-Coordinates during flight
*added more _brackets_
@To see correct corner-chars when using scope, flash the character-set
included in this release!
837 3390 d 13 h /C-OSD/ *added _brackets_ to mark a scope when using a second camera
(might help to remember what the second camera is filming)
@To see real corners, flash the new character-set included in this release!
835 3422 d 12 h /C-OSD/ *increased buffer so the new config struct really fits (fixes garbage after setting name)
*fixed GPS-blink on startup
*re-enable some ascii-char mappings (some people do have underscores in their setting-names)
833 3423 d 12 h /C-OSD/ *inserted missing new value in config-struct. should fix setting-name.  
832 3424 d 1 h /C-OSD/ *updated structs and flags to fit FC 0.80a && NC 0.20a
*sat-icon will blink when not enough sats are found (nc_mode_default)