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2605 259d 19h /Transportables_Koptertool/tags/V3.x/SW_Koptertool3_9/Betaversion/ Infos  
2604 259d 20h /Transportables_Koptertool/tags/V3.x/SW_Koptertool3_9/Betaversion/ Letzte PKT Version von Cebra für FC2.21  
2603 259d 20h /Transportables_Koptertool/tags/V3.x/SW_Koptertool3_9/Sourcecode/ letzter Stand Sourcecode PKT von cebra
Der Code wird von mir nicht weiterentwickelt.

Also letzte Version dieses Projektes von mir.

6.12.2018 Cebra, Christian Brandtner,
2602 410d 12h /Transportables_Koptertool/tags/V3.x/SW_Koptertool3_9/Betaversion/ Update für FC2.20  
2601 470d 20h /C-OSD/trunk/ 20180509-1200
*adapted structs to reflect FC/NC software V2.20c/V2.20h
2600 654d 14h /Transportables_Koptertool/tags/V3.x/SW_Koptertool3_9/Betaversion/ Neue Version bis FC 2.19  
2599 660d 10h /Transportables_Koptertool/tags/V3.x/SW_Koptertool3_9/Betaversion/ Neue PKT-Version für FC 2.16-2.18  
2598 831d 22h /C-OSD/trunk/ 20170511-1145
*adapted structs to reflect FC/NC software V2.18a
2597 840d 14h /MKLiveView/v1.0/  
2596 942d 18h /MKLiveView/v1.0/ +when updating WP during flight, the active WP was reset to "1" - will now be reset to last index  
2595 943d 12h /MKLiveView/v1.0/  
2594 946d 19h /MKLiveView/v1.0/ +WP-Contextmenue: added 'set as active WP' & 'send to copter (update)'  
2593 946d 20h /MKLiveView/v1.0/ +WP-Contextmenue: added 'set as active WP' & 'send to copter (update)'  
2592 947d 13h /MKLiveView/v1.0/ +optimizations
+WP-List: send selected wps
2591 954d 20h /MKLiveView/v1.0/ Bugfix wp-editor - binding errors when row is moved (error not visible but reduces performance)  
2590 955d 11h /MKLiveView/v1.0/ +WP-editor: update heading entries when moving, deleting, inserting points in list  
2589 956d 10h /MKLiveView/v1.0/ +Insert waypoint in route by right clicking on route  
2588 957d 09h /MKLiveView/v1.0/ +WP-Edit: change values for all selected points  
2587 957d 14h /MKLiveView/v1.0/ +WP list: multiselect delete & move up/down  
2586 958d 14h /MKLiveView/v1.0/ +Bugfixes WP-Editor
+better handling of selecting a wp on the map (will not move instantly)
+highlight the selected waypoint on the map
+Added context menue for waypoints --> delete; change to wp,fs,poi,landing

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