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870 971 d 6 h holgerb /tags/V2.20f/timer1.h 2.20a (25.04.2017 - 01.11.2017)
- variable baudrate on NC
- KopterTool: WP-Generator: Heading to next WP
- HoTT-Speech:
- Loading & Saving
- Camera REC-On & Off
- Replaced: HOTT_NEXT_WP -> HoTT_Starting _WP
- GimbalControl implemented -> Interface for BL-Gimbals
- HoTT-Speak: Save & Load
- External Control: EC_ONLY_IF_MOTOR_OFF 0x10 // use these Stick Positions only if the motors are not running -> this is used for calibrate etc. to make sure that full throttle not applied with running motors
- HoTT-Statustext in OSD-Data
- Mobile Menu -> separate Menu structure for use on Mobiles etc.
- corrected: leap seconds in UTC calculation
- Magnetic Field in OSD-Data
- SD-Card logging: Logfile does not stop, if the SD-Card switch opens
- New Waypoint direction option: Look into flight direction
- Do not use AutoTrigger on CH-Flight after Waypoint flight
- negative gimbal degrees possible -> attention: "AUTO" is now 121 - that will effect old waypoint tools
- Separate Failsafe-Altitude for RC-Lost
- wait 10 seconds at RC lost until fly back. Change Altitude during this time
- SD-Option "YawWithoutCarefree"
- variable baudrate on NC - up to 256000Bd
- No ASCII Encoding in GPX-File
- Mission Parameter in Waypoint Editor
- Trigger Bitmask
- Ignore-RC-Lost
- Delay Trigger (half of Waypoint Time)
- CH-Altitude
- Failsafe-Altitude

2.20c (13.11.2017)
- Menu[12] External Control
- Logging Gimbal Data in GPX
- Logging ExternalCtrl in GPX

2.20d (29.11.2017)
- Switching outputs on GinbalCtrl -> can control the Infrared Camera etc.

2.20e (04.12.2017)
- In case of logging abort -> close files and open new files after some seconds

2.20f (29.01.2018)
- writing SD-Card Speed in GPX-File
- writing the channel assignment into the logfile
- changing the <RCSticks> into the real channels instead of Potis (Nick, Roll, Yaw, Gas, CH5, CH6, CH7,...CH16
119 4142 d 19 h killagreg /tags/V2.20f/timer1.h Preparation for Nick Roll Servo Support.