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811 1410 d 23 h holgerb /tags/V2.18a/Hex-Files/Navi-Ctrl_STR9_V2_18a.hex 2.18a (13.12.2016 - 18.04.2018)
- MASTER and SLAVE in Logfile description
- Flyzones implemented
-> Settings option: FlyZoneRequired
-> Settings option: Land Outside Flyzone
- Galileo Support - MK-GNSS V4
- Slave: wait 3sec for GPS-Cfg (instead 1,5sec)
- Show "CalibrationError" Message
- Try GPS-Init after some seconds. It seems that sometimes the GPS-Module needs longer to wake up
- OSD-Data Packet 13 (HomePos)
-> Type of Satfix (3Bits)
-> Flag:Boat-Mode
- Logfile doesn't Stop in case of GPS-Failure: "Invalid"
- Re-Init GNSS-Module in case of failure
- set datarate and packet abo if "Autoconfig" is deactivated on SD-Card
- smaller gps-cfg: don't set abos of packets that are not activated