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741 1685 d 2 h holgerb /tags/V2.14a/i2c.h 2.14 (21.10.2015 - 15.02.2016)
- Version for FC3.0 and 2.x
- prepared for Canbus (Master/Slave)
- Menu: Gyro removed and Analog 5-7 added
- Menu: Settings Name in main menu [0]
- internal compass: variable attitude
- SPI:
- Structures changed to 20 Bytes Payload
- huge block transfer implemented (for Parameter set)
- Settingsfile from FC to NC via SPI
- serial communication processed directly by NC:
'b':// submit extern control
'y':// serial Channels
'g':// request for the externalControl
'p':// request for the PPM_In-Daza
- GPX-Logfile: Settingsname in Logfile
- Menu.c: Showing Slave Status data
- Menu:Trigger Input
- Logfile for Camera-Trigger events (only FC3.0)
- GPS-Config: GPS with dual connector supported
- Errors:
40: RC-Voltage
41: Power Supply
42: ACC not calibratetd
- Uart:
- NC reads and processes SerialPoti
- NC reads and processes ExternalControl
- NC sends PPM_In[]
- CRC Checksum in GPX Logfile
- Menu[30] = CamCtrl
- CamCtrlCharacter in Hott-Menu
- CamCtrlCharacter Shows external TriggerCounter
- CamCtrl supported for NC 2.1
- fixed: sometimes "ERR:BL Seftest" after switch on without any reason
- CamCtrlCharacter in OSD Dataframes
- CamCtrl Shoots always one first Photo when switching to Middle Position
- size of the Settings-Data adjusted
- size of HugePacket reduced to 200 Bytes
- descend in failsafe-case starts as soon as the MK is closer than 35m to FS-Point
- Waypoints:
- Bugfix: if the climbing speed is AUTO: do not report "target reached" until the altitude is reached
- rise on first Waypoint before moving position -> max.20m
522 2369 d 22 h holgerb /tags/V2.14a/i2c.h I2C-Buffer increased from 100 to 200, because of License read  
482 2458 d 14 h killagreg /tags/V2.14a/i2c.h - I2C interface for both ports merged in one implementation
- consequent use of abstract compass interface layer
- some code cosmetics