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337 3690 d 19 h ingob /tags/V0.24e/ directory renamed  
313 3764 d 0 h holgerb /tags/V0.24e/ 0.24e H.Buss
- changed GPS-Configuraton (SBAS:“Apply integrity information” deactivated by default)
- no faster timing of SD-Card logging allowed than 500ms
- viewing the raw magnet values in the analog data
312 3774 d 21 h holgerb /tags/V0.24e/ NC:024e
- Auffälligere Ausschrift bei Failsafe-failed
- GPS-Config: "Apply integrity information" deaktiviert
311 3776 d 16 h killagreg /tags/V0.24e/ - "Apply integrity information" removed in ublox SBAS setting  
310 3784 d 19 h holgerb /tags/V0.24e/ 0.24d
- Min Logging time = 500ms
- Anzeige der Magnetwerte im Scope
306 3845 d 2 h holgerb /tags/V0.24e/ 0.24c
Bogfix: WP-Event chanel
303 3853 d 0 h holgerb /tags/V0.24e/  
302 3859 d 17 h holgerb /tags/V0.24e/ 0.24b
Heading update nun anders
301 3864 d 17 h holgerb /tags/V0.24e/ small changes  
300 3864 d 18 h holgerb /tags/V0.24e/ FEste Winkelvorgabe möglich  
299 3866 d 12 h killagreg /tags/V0.24e/ ncparam bugfix  
298 3866 d 19 h holgerb /tags/V0.24e/ Parameters  
297 3869 d 1 h ingob /tags/V0.24e/ typo in spi_slave.c  
296 3869 d 12 h killagreg /tags/V0.24e/ When the motors are not running the WP + POI function is always deactivated.
The WP + POI function is only activated when the MK is flying and a first state change to CH happens.
The WP + POI function is deactivated when a state change to FREE happens and it was active before.
295 3869 d 15 h killagreg /tags/V0.24e/ WP handling updated
- W command can now set the points within the list based on index
- S command does not delete the WP list anymore, but updates first list entry
- NCParams handling reworked
294 3875 d 17 h holgerb /tags/V0.24e/ neue NC-Parameter:
Ausserdem: Im NaviDatensatz gab es ein RSSI. Das fliegt raus und anstatt dessen kommt: FC.StatusFlags2;
293 3876 d 12 h killagreg /tags/V0.24e/ Current flight course (gps speed heading) is now calculated from speed_north and speed_east components
istead using the gps heading directly because of the gps internal lowpass.
This should yield to better wind correction during WP flight and correct readings to Navigation Data.
292 3876 d 13 h killagreg /tags/V0.24e/ Compass interface restructured
- the heading calculation is now always done by NC based on the scaled magnetic vector
- the menu allows now for every magnetometer type a calibration sequence
- the beep intervals during calibration are now equal for all magnetometer types
291 3884 d 21 h holgerb /tags/V0.24e/ Versuch, das 's' - Kommando zu erweitern  
290 3885 d 23 h holgerb /tags/V0.24e/ 0.23k H.Buss
- Höhenvorgabe im Vario-Mode durch Waypoints

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