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481 2629 d 9 h holgerb /tags/ 2.02a 2013.12.20
- Use first fix for Home-Coordinate even if MK already flys
- Bugfix: use GeoMagDeclination for TeachableCareFree, PH-Shift and Waypoint direction
- Show TrueNorth in HoTT and KopterTool-OSD
- show TrueNorth in virtual display
- extended Current measurement up to 75A
- single BL-Currents in virtual display
- Support for external compass sensor on I2C port 0
- Menu[24] -> ACC data of the ext. compass
- Improved Error handling for I2C-Bus (compass)
- disabled Timer2 (PPM-Output on NC)
- compass offset by parameter in the FC-Settings
- switched GPS-Settings from "Automotive" to "airborne < 1g", because with rising >15m/sec, the satfix could get lost
- NC:Voltage and Current in analog debug data
- GPX_Logging: Added Corrected-Compass value
- New Error code 32 "ERR:BL Selftest"
- New Error code 33 "no ext. compass"
479 2639 d 9 h ingob /tags/  
478 2639 d 9 h ingob /tags/  
477 2639 d 9 h holgerb /tags/ Version 2.00e  
459 2769 d 8 h holgerb /tags/ 2.00 (after public beta V0.31i)
- Messure of Navigation Update speed (in 0.1Hz)
- GPX-Tags <NaviUpdate>
- Virtual display no. 21 added
- Failsafe-Speed is the Setting of Autolanding
- SpeakHott while compass calibration "calibrate", "calibrate", "MikroKopter" or "Error: Calibration"
- Report KopterTool if MK3Mag and MKGPS is connected
- Fixed: ComingHome with distances > GPS-Range reported "ERR:25:MAX-Range" (only the message)
- Fixed: Waypoint flight were 10% too fast
- Better WindCorrection for Waypoint flights
- MIN_SD_INTERVAL_GPX reduced to 200
- NC-Params for WP-Event-Test
452 2850 d 4 h holgerb /tags/ 0.30h
- Better handling of write-errors to the SD-Card
- EnableNewWpHeading() -> enables new Heading when the "S" command comes
449 2864 d 4 h holgerb /tags/ 0.30g:
Changes for the new ACC-Altitude control
446 2904 d 3 h holgerb /tags/ 0.30b: Schnelles Umschalten des GPS-Modes wenn man den Schalter umlegt  
445 2904 d 3 h holgerb /tags/ 0.30b: Schnelles Umschalten des GPS-Modes wenn man den Schalter umlegt  
444 2904 d 3 h holgerb /tags/ 0.30b: Schnelles Umschalten des GPS-Modes wenn man den Schalter umlegt  
443 2904 d 3 h holgerb /tags/ 0.30b: Schnelles Umschalten des GPS-Modes wenn man den Schalter umlegt  
442 2904 d 3 h holgerb /tags/ 0.30b: Schnelles Umschalten des GPS-Modes wenn man den Schalter umlegt  
441 2904 d 3 h holgerb /tags/ 0.30b: Schnelles Umschalten des GPS-Modes wenn man den Schalter umlegt  
439 2912 d 8 h holgerb /tags/ 1. Automatic camera trigger:
1.1 You can use the switch and WP event simultaneously. So you can also manually trigger the camera if you use the Waypoint-Event Channel
1.2 Photo-triggering in distance intervals. In the FC-Settings you can set a distance interval for Phototriggers. As example, the MK could take all 10m a picture on manual flight. Indipendant on the flying speed. So you can photograph the field, or track, without planning it by waypoints.
1.3 WP-event: the flashing pattern will be executed at least 1 complete pattern

2. Logging
2.1 The KopterTool itself can now also create GPX log files (only in the OSD window) -> Additional Security
2.2 Changed the name of the log files on the SD card (date in the name of the log file eg 12112201.GPX for the first flight on 22/11/2012).
2.3 Changing the order of log entries and added some more data points <FC_SPI_ErrorCounter> <Speak>
2.4 Fix: I2C error in the log were always zero
2.5 Starting log file without GPS-FIX (but GPS date must be available)
2.6 bugfix: log was stopped when loosing the GPS-Fix
2.7 write logfile 2,5seconds longer after switching off the motors
2.8 write the SD-FAT when an Error accures

3. Jeti
Extended-Jeti protocol implemented (for example, the new Jeti transmitter DC16 etc)
MikroKopter-Messages are transmitted via the morse-codes. In the new Jeti-Transmitters a voice-file can be assigned to each code.
For old transmitters the morse-codes can be deactivated via the KopterTool.

4. Waypoint flights
4.1 Display WP x / y in the HoTT telemetry
4.2 Spontaneous acceleration in WP-flight. So the waypoint flight is faster and more accurate. Flights with 12-15m/s are now possible
4.3 BugFix: If direction is fixed (eg 180 °) and yawed manually, then the next time the WP angle only set when the setpoint changes

5. SD card access via KopterTool
5.1 Per KopterTool you can then download the log files - even via a radio link.
5.2 SETTINGS.INI can be changed with the KopterTool without removing the SD card
5.3 We will add a "Simple GPX-Viever" to the KopterTool-Package later.

6. Camera-angle
The camera-angle can be moved via a stick with neutral position. The user just controls UP/Down instead of the absolut angle.
Very slow movements are possible with that feature.

7. misc
7.1 RC-Lost at starting point (within 40m and 15m altitude) will not trigger the failsafe-function when the Gas stick was down for 1,5sec before failsafe accured
the MK was propably manually landed in that case and the user switched off the transmitter). The MK switches to MIN-Gas instead.
7.2 Fix: in PH with slow yawing the MK sometimes flew in large circles
7.3 HoTT:Text-Menu "Speak All" removed. This can be selected in the KopterTool now.
7.4 KopterTool: Warning if a setting is changed, but not transmitted to the MK
7.5 Bugfix: the message of defective Gyros was too short
425 3022 d 4 h ingob /tags/ 0.28p (Bugfix 22.11.2012)
- FC_I2C_ErrorConter im Logfile war immer Null
- Start Logfile schon bei 3 Satelliten
424 3022 d 4 h ingob /tags/  
423 3022 d 4 h ingob /tags/  
412 3148 d 9 h holgerb /tags/ 0.28o (Bugfix 18.07.2012)
- Fix for HoTT-Display: The negative value (Southern hemisphere) was not shown correctly on the HoTT-TElemety and the Compass-Value was shown as 2° then
411 3148 d 9 h holgerb /tags/ alte FAT von 0.28m  
410 3148 d 9 h holgerb /tags/ alte FAT von 0.28m  

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