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63 4013 d 15 h holgerb /tags/V0.22c 0.22d H.Buss 27.10.2009
- I2C Reset nach Programmstart eingebaut
62 4027 d 19 h ingob /tags/V0.22c  
61 4062 d 7 h killagreg /tags/V0.22c uart tx performance issue  
60 4081 d 18 h holgerb /tags/V0.22c Version No.22a
- Small change in the menu.
- added menu.c to the project file
59 4082 d 6 h killagreg /tags/V0.22c i2c protocol to NC adopted
- the crc byte at the end of a packet is now inverted
to detect a bad packet consisting of a byte stream of zeros only. A pure summation of 0x0 yields to a simple sum of 0x0 and therefore a communication problem can not be observed.
58 4194 d 9 h killagreg /tags/V0.22c - save 512 bytes SRAM space by moving the debug labels into flash
- now enough space for 80 bytes of display buffer
- support for Display outputs
57 4259 d 4 h killagreg /tags/V0.22c Makefile: optimization level changed form s to 2  
56 4311 d 4 h killagreg /tags/V0.22c extra 3x20 bytes of memory for display output yield to very strange effects in other buffers. therefor the display functionality has been disabled for the moment  
55 4311 d 5 h killagreg /tags/V0.22c improvement of serial communication due to decoupling of main loop timing from measurement timing  
54 4312 d 2 h killagreg /tags/V0.22c bugfix for wrong heading to FC via UART  
53 4312 d 3 h killagreg /tags/V0.22c bugfix for display impementation.  
52 4314 d 12 h killagreg /tags/V0.22c -simple display implemented,
-debug timeout increased so that the MK-Tool get continuously debug data
50 4326 d 13 h ingob /tags/V0.22c Hex-Files copied  
49 4328 d 15 h ingob /tags/V0.22c dummy 'h' command added to keep pc connection alive  
48 4339 d 9 h hbuss /tags/V0.22c 0.21b H.Buss
only version number changed
47 4340 d 7 h killagreg /tags/V0.22c - UART_VersionInfo_t updated for Protocol Major Minor info  
46 4343 d 7 h killagreg /tags/V0.22c - address in serial response frames was not coded 0x00-> 'a'
- address filter for common commands accept the own address also
45 4343 d 8 h ingob /tags/V0.22c Address starts with 'a'  
44 4344 d 13 h killagreg /tags/V0.22c - Slave Address handling added  
43 4346 d 6 h killagreg /tags/V0.22c bugfix: sending timeout for debug data was missing  

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