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31 4519 d 0 h HolgerB /branches/ The angle values could be inconsistent during I2C communication.
Blinking pattern during calibrating changed.
30 4547 d 17 h killagreg /branches/ only some code cosmetics  
29 4561 d 13 h killagreg /branches/ ACC Support included and tested in setup stand alone, connected to FC and connected to NC.
Bugfix for missing PWM at Pin5.
28 4562 d 16 h killagreg /branches/ 1st part of the ACC support included.
The automatic detection of the ACC option is still missing.
27 4566 d 13 h killagreg /branches/ faster attitude correction for i2c transmission  
26 4569 d 13 h killagreg /branches/ I2C crc communication verified:
- crc error rate sufficiently low
- i2c bus analyzed by o-scope
25 4570 d 13 h killagreg /branches/ CRC added to I2C communication with NaviCtrl  
24 4575 d 14 h killagreg /branches/ LED is blinking slowly in normal operation mode
and indicates calc state during calibration sending
a blink code.
23 4578 d 16 h killagreg /branches/ I2C enhancement  
22 4582 d 13 h killagreg /branches/ I2C Slave bugfixes  
21 4584 d 15 h killagreg /branches/ Blink codes for calibration states and normal operation added.  
20 4585 d 2 h killagreg /branches/ Attitude correction formula adopted  
19 4585 d 13 h killagreg /branches/ Code Reorganization  
18 4585 d 13 h killagreg /branches/ Code Redesign based on original V0.14 from H&I  
10 4671 d 14 h ingob /branches/ renamed  
9 4671 d 14 h ingob /branches/ Created folder remotely