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1789 3620 d 2 h /branches/V0.80g-Arthur-P1/  
1755 3660 d 11 h /branches/V0.80g-Arthur-P1/ Modified to use external HEF4017 with FC 1.x hardware, different motor downsmoothing, and possible shutter interval timer, all using only user parameters 7 (values above 1 result in different motor smoothing() and 8 (bit 7 == 1 activates HEF4017, bits 6:0 are the shutter interval timer in 0.1 seconds if more than 10), See comments in fc.c and timer0.c for further documentation.
Use at your own risk. Due to concerns with serial communication with the current 0.80 versions and MKTool I will not be testing for now. .