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#ifndef _FAT16_H
#define _FAT16_H

// Definitions

#define FILE_MAX_OPEN   4                               // The number of files that can accessed simultaneously.
#define SEEK_SET        0
#define SEEK_CUR        1
#define SEEK_END        2
#define EOF     (-1)
#define BYTES_PER_SECTOR        512
        Structure of a filepointer

typedef struct
        u32 FirstSectorOfFirstCluster;  // First sector of the first cluster of the file.
        u32 FirstSectorOfCurrCluster;   // First sector of the cluster which is edited at the moment.
        u32 FirstSectorOfLastCluster;   // First sector of the last cluster of the file
        u8      SectorOfCurrCluster;            // The sector within the current cluster.
        u16 ByteOfCurrSector;                   // The byte location within the current sector.
        u8      Mode;                                           // Mode of fileoperation (read,write)
        u32 Size;                                               // The size of the opend file in bytes.
        u32 Position;                                   // Pointer to a character within the file 0 < fileposition < filesize
        u32 DirectorySector;                    // the sectorposition where the directoryentry has been made.
        u16     DirectoryIndex;                         // The index to the directoryentry within the specified sector.
        u8      Attribute;                                      // The attribute of the file opened.
        u8  Cache[BYTES_PER_SECTOR];    // Cache for read and write operation from or to the sd-card.
        u32 SectorInCache;                              // The last sector read, which is still in the sector cache.
        u8      State;                                          // State of the filepointer (used/unused/...)
} File_t;

// attribute definitions         
#define ATTR_NONE               0x00    // normal file
#define ATTR_READONLY           0x01    // file is readonly
#define ATTR_HIDDEN                     0x02    // file is hidden
#define ATTR_SYSTEM                     0x04    // file is a system file
#define ATTR_VOLUMELABEL        0x08    // entry is a volume label
#define ATTR_LONG_FILENAME      0x0F    // this is a long filename entry
#define ATTR_SUBDIRECTORY       0x10    // entry is a directory name
#define ATTR_ARCHIVE            0x20    // file is new or modified
#define ATTR_ANY_FILE           0x3F    // all files

//      Structure of an item used by functions findfirst and findnext

typedef struct
        File_t  fp;                                             // filepointer used to get access to the filesystemstructure
        s8              searchstring[12];               // findfirst and findnext will only return elements within the specified directory matching this searchstring (8+3 + Terminator).
        s8              name[13];                               // the name of the element found within the specified directory
        u8              active;                                 // if the attribute active is set the name and the attributes of an element found within DirectoryEntryExist will be entered into the structure
        u8              attribfilter;                  
        u8              attribmask;
} __attribute__((packed)) Find_t;

typedef struct
        u8      IsValid;                                // 0 means invalid, else valid
        u8      SectorsPerCluster;              // how many sectors does a cluster contain?
        u8      FatCopies;                              // Numbers of copies of the FAT
        u16     MaxRootEntries;                 // Possible number of entries in the root directory.
        u16     SectorsPerFat;                  // how many sectors does a fat16 contain?
        u32 FirstFatSector;                     // sector of the start of the fat
        u32 FirstRootDirSector;         // sector of the rootdirectory
        u32 FirstDataSector;            // sector of the first cluster containing data (cluster2).
        u32 LastDataSector;                     // the last data sector of the partition
        u8  VolumeLabel[12];        // the volume label
        u32     CurrentWorkingDirectory;// A pointer to the directory we are actual using
        s8      PathToCwd[256];                 // a string containing the complete path to the current working directory
}   __attribute__((packed)) Partition_t;

extern Partition_t      Partition;              // Structure holds partition information

// API to the FAT16 filesystem

// File System Funtions
u8              Fat16_Init(void);
u8              Fat16_Deinit(void);
u8              Fat16_IsValid(void);
s8*             FAT16_GetVolumeLabel(void);

// File Function       
File_t *fopen_(s8* const filename, const s8 mode);
s16     fclose_(File_t * const file);
u8              fexist_(s8* const filename);
s16             fflush_(File_t * const file);
s16     fseek_(File_t * const file, s32 offset, s16 origin);
s16             fgetc_(File_t * const file);
s16             fputc_(s8 c, File_t * const file);
u32     fread_(void *buffer, u32 size, u32 count, File_t * const file);
u32     fwrite_(void *buffer, u32 size, u32 count, File_t * const file);
s16             fputs_(s8 * const string, File_t * const file);
s8 *    fgets_(s8 * const string, s16 length, File_t * const file);
u8              feof_(File_t * const file);
u8              fdelete_(s8* const filepath);

// Directory Functions
s8              *getcwd_(void);
u8              findfirst_(const s8* name, u8 attribmask, Find_t *);
u8              findnext_(Find_t *);
u8              chdir_(s8* const dirpath);
u8              mkdir_(s8* const dirpath);
u8              rmdir_(s8* const dirpath);

#endif //_FAT16_H